Baby and toddler reflexology

What is baby and toddler reflexology?

Baby Reflex is a gentle form of reflexology specially adapted for infants, babies and toddlers from 1 month onwards.  You learn soothing reflexology techniques to give to your own children and as it will take no longer than 5 minutes to do, it can be fitted around your child’s routine.  It can also be performed on children when they are awake, asleep or even feeding.

Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a chartered physiotherapist and qualified reflexologist who spent 15 years’ researching the effects of regular reflexology on childhood asthma.  After discovering the positive effects on their relaxation, improved sleep and on child/parent bonding, Jenny created baby reflex in 2005.


Baby Reflex

How can baby and toddler reflexology help my child?

Baby Reflex gives you the opportunity to carry out a fuss free five minute treatment on your child and as it is performed on the feet of babies and the hands of toddlers it can be used anywhere at any time – at the supermarket, on the bus, in a restaurant.

Baby reflex can help with:

  • Enhancing the bond between parent and child
  • Improving sleep
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Colic
  • Trapped wind
  • Constipation
  • Teething
  • Ear and nose complaints

Reflexology on children is a safe non invasive complementary therapy, which, after completing the workshops can be easily given by you on your children to help with their overall health and wellbeing. 




Baby and toddler reflexology_babies feet

What happens in the workshops?

The baby and toddler reflexology workshops are taught in a relaxed and calming environment to parents/grandparents or guardians.  The techniques are simple to learn and are taught in bite sized chunks over 3 weekly 1 hour sessions.  The workshops are themed as follows:  

  • Week 1 – Feeding/digestion
  • Week 2 – Sleeping/comforting
  • Week 3 – Well being

To allow you to confidently perform the reflexology on your own, you will receive handouts which detail the techniques you have learnt.   You can either learn in a group setting with a maximum of 4-6 parents, alternatively you can have one to one workshops.  Both of these can either be held at your home or the Gosforth Physio and Wellness Centre.



Baby and toddler reflexology_baby feet with wooden heart
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