I had never had reflexology before my sessions with Sheena, and ever since I have been recommending it to all my friends! She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and the treatment was really enjoyable at the same time as identifying and fixing my ailments. Sheena focused specifically on aspects of my breathing as I have asthma, and I clearly noticed the difference after only a few sessions, including being out of breath less often during swimming. Thank you Sheena!

– Vicki

I felt the benefits after the first treatment!  Sheena’s calm and professional manner and ability of applying pressure just where it is needed has benefited me enormously.  Not only was tension through my shoulders and neck alleviated but the overall sense of well-being that followed had the knock on effect of dissipating stress so enabling a full night’s sleep.  I would highly recommend coming to see Sheena

– Amanda

Having reflexology with Sheena is a deeply relaxing experience and has left me feeling healthier and more balanced after the first treatment.  She is a caring and skilled practitioner and after 6 treatments I was back on track health wise and sleeping really well.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great reflexologist

– Lotus

I have found Sheena to be a fantastic reflexologist having had many sessions with her. After each session I always felt relaxed and de-stressed. Sheena immediately put me at ease and took the time to understand my past and present issues; and then tailored my sessions against these. During our sessions Sheena was incredible at sensing problem areas with my body – spotting (and treating) them before I was even fully aware of them

– Beth

I found reflexology very relaxing and effective in releasing tension. I always left each treatment feeling lighter. Sheena is very professional and always made me feel safe and at ease. I would definitely recommend her

– Ana

Sheena is a fantastic reflexologist. Highly knowledgeable, careful monitoring of progress and above all an intuitive way of making me feel relaxed and happy in the treatment received. Thank you Sheena, if only you hadn’t relocated!

– Melissa
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